Fairfax County, VA

Adams Walk • Status: Completed
Hummer Road and Champion Drive, Annandale, VA

Located in Annandale, Virginia, Adams Walk consists of 26 town homes. Sales began and were completed in 1984. Prices ranged from $110,000 to $120,000.

Amanda Place • Status: Completed
Amanda Place and Cedar Lane, Vienna, VA

Amanda Place includes 16 single family detached lots off Cedar Lane in Vienna and required a rezoning of the property. Site development began in late 2011. The finished lots were sold to NVHomes. Home sales concluded in late 2012 with prices just over $1 million.

Ballantrae Farm • Status: Completed
Dolly Madison Boulevard and Ballantrae Farm Drive, McLean, VA
Ballantrae Farm

Ballantrae Farm is located off Route 123 in McLean, Virginia. The development contains 32 single family lots for custom-designed homes. Prices ranged from $500,000 to $l,900,000 plus. Lots sales were completed in 1985.

Balmoral • Status: Completed
Compton Road and Balmoral Greens Avenue, Clifton, VA

Located off Compton and Union Mill Roads, this 1,200-acre development includes an 18-hole Fred Couples championship golf course as well as 200 large luxury single family homes. Elm Street Development provided management services for the owner, Chevy Chase Savings and Loan until the sale of the project was completed in 1996.

Bristol House • Status: Completed
Karbon Hill Court and Springwood Drive, Reston, VA

These 152 condominium lots are located in the planned community of Reston. Development started in September 1985 and was completed in late 1986. Prices for these luxury condominiums ranged from $95,000 to $120,000.

Courthouse Square • Status: Completed
University Drive and Breckinridge Lane, Fairfax, VA
Courthouse Square

Located on University Drive in the Historic District of Fairfax City, these 63 townhouse lots were developed for Cross Builders. Development began in the Spring of 1988. Prices for these luxury garage townhouses began in the upper $200,000’s.

Evans Farm • Status: Completed
1494 Evans Farm Drive, McLean, VA
Evans Farm

This 24-acre property is located in the heart of McLean between Dolly Madison Boulevard and Chain Bridge Road. The development features 144 units, including single family, townhouse and multi-family units and required a rezoning of the property. Development work began in January 2001. Prices ranged from $1.0 million dollars to over $2.5 million dollars. The community was a joint venture between Elm Street Development and the WEST*GROUP.

Faircrest • Status: Completed
Lee Highway and Centreville Farms Road, Chantilly, VA

Faircrest is a large planned development that includes a wide variety of residential units, a new Fairfax County elementary school and extensive parks. Faircrest is located between Lee Highway and I-66. Elm Street’s portion of this project consists of 115 single family lots and 132 townhouse lots. Development work and lot sales began in 2002. All of the lots were sold to Winchester Homes.

Fairfax Station East • Status: Completed
Fairfax County Parkway and New Road, Fairfax Station, VA

An assemblage of parcels was subdivided into the 101 lots in Fairfax Station East. The lots are one acre cluster lots with public water and septic systems. House prices ranged from $300,000 to $350,000. Sales began in May 1985 and were completed in 1989.

Fairfield • Status: Completed
Fair Lakes Parkway, Fair Oaks, VA

Located on the Fair Lakes Parkway in the Fairfax Center area of Fairfax County, this project involved the redevelopment of an existing subdivision. The proposed development required a change in the Comprehensive Plan and a rezoning. Fairfield was successfully zoned for 436,000 square feet of office space and a 250 unit garden apartment complex. Development began in the Summer of 1989. The apartment complex was completed in 1991 by The Gables Development Company.

Fairfield House • Status: Completed
West Ox Road and Fairfield House Drive, Fair Oaks, VA

Adjacent to Fairfield, Fairfield House also involved a Comprehensive Plan change and a rezoning. This community consists of 190 condominium lots which were developed for sale to NVHomes. Construction began in the Winter of 1989 and finished in 1993.

Fairwoods • Status: Completed
Lee Jackson Highway and Alder Woods Drive, Fair Oaks, VA

These 550 townhouse lots are located off Route 50 near Fair Oaks Mall. Builders included Halle, Batal Builders, and the Scarborough Corporation. Sales started in July 1984 at prices from $120,000 and were completed in the Summer of 1986.

Falcon Ridge • Status: Completed
Falcon Ridge Road and High Hill Place, Great Falls, VA
Falcon Ridge

Scenic Falcon Ridge features 8l lots for luxury single family homes bordering the Potomac River. These lots were sold to various custom home builders. House sales began in the winter of 1987 and were in the $900,000 to $2,100,000 price range. Lot sales were completed in 1997.

Flint Hill Manor • Status: Completed
Chain Bridge Road and Jermantown Road, Oakton, VA

Ryan Homes was the contract purchaser for these 32 townhouse lots. Sales started in September 1983 and were completed in December 1983. Flint Hill Manor is located off Jermantown Road. Townhome prices were from $85,000.

Fulton’s Landing • Status: Completed
Fairfax County Parkway and Freds Oak Road, Burke, VA

These 82 single family lots are part of the Burke Centre planned community. Lots were sold to NVHomes and Cross Builders. Sales started in March of 1983 and were completed in December of 1984. The price range for these homes was $140,000 to $180,000.

Georgeland • Status: Completed
Old Mill Road and Old Colony Way, Mount Vernon, VA

Located off Route 1, south of Alexandria, Georgeland Mount Vernon Lakes was successfully rezoned to permit 284 townhouse and condominium lots. All of these were developed for and sold to Ryan Homes. Sales started in May of 1983 and were completed in the Fall of 1986. Prices for these starter homes were from $55,000.

Jenkins Ridge • Status: Completed
Cliff Edge Dr at Rock Chapel Rd, Dranesville, VA

This 55 single family lot subdivision is located off Dranesville Road. All lots were purchased by the Ryland Group. Sales began in April of 1983 and were completed in June of 1984. Prices for these homes ranged from $100,000 to $130,000.

Manchester Lakes • Status: Completed
Manchester Boulevard and Manchester Lakes Drive, Manchester Lakes, VA

These 200 garden condominium units are located in the planned community of Manchester Lakes. These lots are adjacent to the lakes planned by Neighborhoods #3 and #8 as shown on the master plan. Development began in April of 1983 with sales starting in February of 1984. Sales were completed in the summer of 1985. The garden condominiums were priced in the $60,000 to $80,000 range.

McLean Heights • Status: Completed
Westmoreland Street and Bonheim Court, McLean, VA

Located on Westmoreland Street in McLean this assemblage of four parcels contains 5 acres and was developed into 13 single family lots. Development work began in the Summer of 2000. The lots were sold to Craftmark Homes.

North Hart Run • Status: Completed
Compton Road and Compton Heights Circle, Centreville, VA

Located on the north side of Compton Road east of Centreville Road, this 87-acre development included 98 single family lots and 164 townhouse lots. The property was rezoned, engineered and sold to the Trammel Crow Company in 1989.

North Hills • Status: Completed
Braddock Road and Shadow Valley Drive, Fairfax, VA

North Hills is located off Braddock Road near Route 123. These lots were sold to Cross Builders, Halle Enterprises, and George A. Darne & Sons Builders. Development of these 175 single family lots began in May of 1983. Sales started in June of 1983. These move-up homes were priced from $150,000 to $220,000. Sales were completed in the Spring of 1986.

Oak Run • Status: Completed
N Chambliss St and Colfax Ave, Fairfax, VA

This heavily wooded site is located off Seminary Road. The 118 single family lots were developed for NVHomes. Sales began in April of 1983 and were completed in 1985. Sale prices for these homes were from $160,000 to $220,000.

Oakton Commons • Status: Completed
White Granite Drive and Emerald Rock Drive, Oakton, VA

Ryan Homes was the buyer of all 40 townhouse lots developed in Oakton Commons. Sales began in October of 1982 and were completed in September of 1983. The subdivision is located on Blake Lane.

Oakton Crest • Status: Completed
Oakton Road and V Lane, Oakton, VA

Located on Oakton Road, this assemblage of 6 parcels was subdivided into 28 lots. The lots are one acre in size. Lot sales to Craftmark Homes began in early 1999 and were completed in 2000. House prices ranged from $550,000 to over $900,000.

Oakton Crossing • Status: Completed
Blake Lane and Paddock Wood Court, Oakton, VA

Located at the intersection of Blake Lane and Hibbard Street, these seven lots were developed in 1999 for Craftmark Homes. Home prices ranged from $470,000 to over $600,000.

Old Centreville Crossing • Status: Completed
Braddock Road and Lee Highway, Centreville, VA

Old Centreville Crossing is a mixed residential and commercial development on the south side of Route 29, just east of Old Centreville Road. Braddock Road was realigned through the site with a 270,000 square foot community retail and office center located on the north side of realigned Braddock Road and 268 garden apartments located to the south. Development was completed in 1989.

Penderbrook • Status: Completed
Penderbrook Drive and Green Ridge Court, Fair Oaks, VA

These 150 garden condominiums built by NVHomes are part of the Penderbrook residential/golf course community. Sales were completed in late 1988. Prices for these units started in the $130,000’s.

Rock Hill • Status: Completed
Rockhill Road and Astoria Circle, Herndon, VA

This assemblage of four parcels required a Comprehensive Plan change and a rezoning. This community is located on Rock Hill Road in the Herndon area of Fairfax County and consists of 127 townhouses. Development work began in the fall of 1998 with lot sales to Craftstar Homes in the spring of 1999.

Rockpointe • Status: Completed
Braddock Road and Rockpointe Drive, Centreville, VA

Rockpointe, located between Route 29 and Braddock Road, east of Centreville, included 90 single family lots and 119 garage townhouses. This property was rezoned to PDH-2, engineered and sold to John Laing Homes in 1989.

South Run • Status: Completed
Rolling Ridge Drive and Rocky Ravine Drive, Fairfax Station, VA

The luxury single family subdivision of South Run is located adjacent to Burke Lake Park. Sections 5, 17 and 19 contained a total of 144 lots which were sold to Cross Builders and George A. Darne & Sons Builders. Sales started in June 1984 and were completed in the summer of 1986. Section 2 contains 53 lots which were sold to Cross Builders and Tipco Homes, Inc. Sales of Section 2 were completed in the Winter of 1986. Prices ranged from $190,000 to $340,000.

South Run Oaks • Status: Completed
Oak Bridge Lane and Oak Hollow Lane, Fairfax Station, VA

South Run Oaks contains 73 single family lots. 52 lots were developed and sold to NVHomes in 1988. The remaining 21 lots were developed and sold to Prospect Homes.

Trevor House • Status: Completed
Trevor House Drive and Blake Lane, Oakton, VA

All 128 condominium lots at Trevor House were developed starting in the Summer of 1984. Prices for the condominiums were approximately $90,000. Sales started in November of 1984 and were completed in November of 1985. The project is located off Jermantown Road in Oakton.

Wedderburn Estates • Status: Completed
8501 Wedderburn Lane, Vienna, VA

This 13-acre assemblage of 18 parcels is located off Cedar Lane adjacent to the W & OD bike trail. The project required rezoning and includes 26 single-family lots. The design includes state of the art stormwater management systems and significant tree preservation area. The site was sold fully approved, but undeveloped in 2007.