Montgomery County, MD

Atwood Knoll • Status: Completed
Atwood Road and Alderton Road, Silver Spring, MD

Atwood Knoll is an eleven lot single family detached community/subdivision built by NVHomes located off Layhill Road. The project was completed in the Fall of 2007.

Baum • Status: Completed
Valley Park Drive and Coltrane Drive, Damascus, MD

The 6.3-acre Baum property, zoned RT-8, was acquired from the Archdiocese of Washington on January 31, 2005, after we received concurrent preliminary plan and site plan approval on January 20, 2005. The site provided 48 townhouses (including six MPDU’s) and has been folded into the homeowners association of the adjacent Damascus Park. Land development activities began in 2007 following Montgomery County’s completion of Valley Park Drive, and paving was completed in 2008. Ryan and Craftstar were the builders and the project was completed in 2010.

Bethesda Crest • Status: Completed
4901 Cedar Croft Drive, Bethesda, MD

This is a redevelopment of a 5-acre infill site in Bethesda which functioned as the headquarters of Goodwill Industries. This property embodies all of the smart growth principles including road (½ mile inside beltway) and transit (½ mile to Metro) access. It has received approval for 28 townhouses, including 4 moderately priced dwelling units provided voluntarily. The resulting land plan produced a cluster neo-traditional plan that saved significant trees and left over 50% of the property in open space. Craftmark Homes built all of the houses. Prices started from $1.1 million. Bethesda Crest has been completed.

Brookeville Farms • Status: Completed
Bordly Drive and Lubar Way, Brookeville, MD

These 55 lots are estate sized lots developed with five acre cluster zoning. Development started in 1996. Builders included D. R. Horton Homes, Charleston Homes, Craftmark Homes and Renaissance Homes.

Carlson Farm • Status: Completed
Riffle Ford Road and Carlson Farm Drive, Germantown, MD

This community features 24 one-half acre lots built around the original homestead of the property. Development started in 2003. Craftmark Homes built the estate homes selling from the mid $600,000’s.


Chestnut Oaks • Status: Completed
Mateny Road and Harmony Woods Way, Germantown, MD

Chestnut Oaks is an 80 unit townhouse community adjacent to Great Seneca Highway. Paving in December 1992 allowed Ryland to initiate home deliveries in early 1993. Construction of the four-lane Mateny Road and the associated stormwater management pond were two of the features of this development.

Churchill View • Status: Completed
Locbury Drive and Churchill Ridge Circle, Germantown, MD

This site, located in the Waters Landing area of Germantown, contains 136 condominium units. Development started in late 1990. The Housing Opportunity Commission approved this parcel in an effort to provide an increased number of affordable units. Pulte Homes and The Gables built the units which were priced from $100,000. Sales were completed in 1993.

Clarksburg Village • Status: Current
23075 Turtle Rock Terrace, Clarksburg, MD

Clarksburg Village has been the best-selling community in the state of Maryland for the past two years and has been the best-selling community in Montgomery County for the past six years.
At buildout the community will provide 2,743 homes; to date 2,300 homes have been completed. The model park in Phase II opened in March, 2012, with 10 models. The 360 garden rental apartments are fully leased (96%) and complement the for-sale offerings. The 109,000 sf retail center, anchored by Harris Teeter, opened in November, 2013, and provides in­neighborhood convenience. The Wilson Wims Elementary School "the most green school in Montgomery County" opened in August, 2014, and offers Clarksburg Village children the opportunity to walk to school. The development provides a Monument Award-winning aquatic facility in Phase I that includes a clubhouse and beach-entry pool in addition to a 25 meter competition pool with attached deep end. In addition, a second clubhouse/competition pool facility opened on Memorial Day, 2014. The Greenway Trail provides an in-neighborhood pathway to nature's splendor via a $1,500,000 trail through woods involving three bridges and boardwalks. The trail is presently more than 80% complete and the balance will be completed in 2016. A major arterial roadway, Little Seneca Parkway, opened via a four-lane bridge in September, 2014. Construction of the 90 unit age-restricted (55+) apartment building with elevators began in 2015. An "Additional Short History" is below.
The residential layout is a mix of traditional and neo-traditional homes. Layout of the lots and streets considered natural grades which allowed mature trees to be preserved in multiple areas. Open spaces including village greens, mews, play areas, trails, parks, and wooded greenways provide a variety of amenity options and further serve to help define individual neighborhoods. A "Town Architect" has been retained to provide architectural guidance and to help ensure a cohesive presentation throughout the development. Clarksburg Village received the 2013 GALA Award for Best Innovative Land Planning and Clarksburg Village also received the 2014 Residential Community of the Year Award from the Maryland Building Industry Association Land Development Council. In addition to fulfilling federal and state wetlands regulations, Clarksburg Village also fulfilled an additional layer of design criteria as a consequence of being located in the Clarksburg Special Protection Area (SP A), a County-designated area. Little Seneca Creek is a Use IV-P watershed, indicating that it contains stocked-trout streams and is part of the public water supply. Even though Clarksburg Village stretches over 775 acres, permanent wetland impacts for the entire site remain below 14,000 square feet (less than 1/3 acre).
Residents are vibrantly engaged within the Clarksburg Village community. There are multiple opportunities for social interaction including Yoga Club, Social Committee, Architectural Review Board, etc. The swim team has won three league championships, most recently in 2014. Resident testimonials presented on the web page attest to their love of Clarksburg Village.
Additional Short History: The 776 acres were acquired more than twenty-five years ago. The Master Plan review process began in early 1990 and was completed in 1994. Site plan approval for the first 933 lots was obtained on July 30, 2003 and we broke ground with land development on September 12, 2003.

Clopper Hills • Status: Completed
Autumn Mist Drive and Great Seneca Parkway, Germantown, MD

Clopper Hills is a wooded parcel adjacent to Fountain Hills that was developed and then annexed into Fountain Hills. Ryan and Craftstar began building the 52 townhouses in Section I beginning in 1999. Section II provided an additional 85 townhouse lots. US Home began construction in 1998 and enjoyed very strong sales.

Clopper’s Mill • Status: Completed
Richter Farm Road and Great Seneca Hwy, Germantown, MD

Clopper’s Mill is a 317-acre property located along the Great Seneca Highway in southern Germantown. Starting in 1984, the property was successfully re-master planned from a conservation easement to a planned development. This development includes condominiums, elderly housing units and a mix of single family homes and townhouses totaling 1,100 units, 136,000 square feet of retail and office space, gas station and day care center. Construction started in 1992. Builders included Pulte, Ryland, D. R. Horton, Ryan, The Gables, Craftmark Homes and NVHomes. Clopper’s Mill also includes a high school, an elementary school, two recreation centers with pools, two local County parks and a village green. The last twenty townhouses were sold to NVHomes in Summer 2010, completing the community.

Colesville Estates • Status: Completed
Cabinwood Drive and Smith Village Road, Colesville, MD

These 44 single family lots are located off East Randolph Road. Ryan Homes purchased all the lots for houses constructed in the $100,000 to $130,000 price range. Sales started in March of 1985 and were completed in the Fall of 1986.

Curtis Place • Status: Completed
Curtis Place & West Edmonston Drive & Wooten Pkwy, Rockville, MD

This infill community of 10 single family lots is located in the City of Rockville. The 10 lots were sold to NVHomes. Prices averaged in the higher $400,000’s. Development and sales were completed in 2000.

Damascus Park • Status: Completed
MD 27 and Valley Park Drive, Damascus, MD

Damascus Park is a 156 unit townhouse and single family development beautifully situated adjacent to the Magruder Branch Stream Valley Park. Site plan approval was obtained July 31, 2002 and the first section was paved in January 2003. Ryan and Craftstar were the builders who enjoyed strong sales at record level price points.

Decoverly • Status: Completed
Diamondback Drive and Decoverly Drive, Shady Grove, MD

Located off Key West Avenue, west of Shady Grove Road, this 95-acre development has a variety of housing types, including luxury garage townhouses ranged from $180,000 to $350,000. This property, which was developed in a joint venture with MD Development, Inc., required two amendments to the Master Plan. Site development began in late 1987 with townhouse sales beginning in the Fall of 1988. Condominium sales by Pulte Homes started in 1992 and were completed in 1994. The Gables constructed a 365 unit apartment complex at Decoverly as well as 120 condominiums.

Dufief Manor • Status: Completed
Antigone Drive and Antigone Court, North Potomac, MD

Located on Dufief Mill Road in Montgomery County, these 102 single family lots were sold to Halle Enterprises and NVHomes. Sales started in July of 1984 and were completed in 1985. Prices for the homes ranged from $150,000 to $210,000.

Fountain Hills • Status: Completed
Great Seneca Parkway and Fountain Club Drive, Germantown, MD

Fountain Hills is a 100-acre development that provided a wide variety of housing types. The 290 market townhouses were available in widths of 16’, 18’, 20’, and 22’ with a variety of depths and garage configurations. Builders included Winchester, Ryland, Craftstar, Pulte, Ryan, Richmond American, and US Home. Similarly, the 178 single family homes were available in a variety of formats, including a traditional neighborhood format featuring rear alleys, detached garages, front porches, close proximity to front sidewalks, village greens, and picket fences. The single family home builders were NVHomes and Ryan. In addition, Pulte offered 166 condominiums that had starting prices in the low $100,000’s. The subdivision provided a three-pool aquatic center, tennis and basketball courts, a softball field, a soccer field, pathways, bridges over stream crossing, and three fountains.

Fox Run • Status: Completed
Falconbridge Drive and Triple Crown Road, Gaithersburg, MD

This property received plan approval for 43 townhouses and single family detached homes. Plan approval occurred in 2001 with development occurring in 2002. Ryan Homes built all the homes.

Foxlair Acres • Status: Completed
Huntmaster Road, Gaithersburg, MD

This subdivision of 24 luxury single family homes on two acre lots was purchased by Cross Builders. Sales started in the Summer of 1986 and were completed in the Summer of 1987. Prices ranged from the high $200,000’s to over $400,000. All of these lots are serviced by well water and septic fields and are located off of Huntmaster Road.

Grace Farm • Status: Completed
11409 Piedmont Court, Clarksburg, MD

This 58-acre well and septic community contains ten 2-5 acre lots and one large lot farmette. Development began in 2005. Craftmark Homes was the builder.

Green Hills Farm • Status: Completed
Huntmaster Road and Goshen School Road, Goshen, MD

Green Hills consists of 144 two acre single family lots with well water and septic systems in the Goshen Hunt area. Lots were sold to D. R. Horton, Kettler Forlines, NVHomes, Springbrook Builders and individuals. Prices for these homes were in the mid $400,000’s. Sales began in 1989 and were completed in 1994.

Greenridge Estates • Status: Completed
Rt. 355 and Canterfield Way, Clarksburg, MD

Development of Greenridge Estates began in 1991 and proceeded in phases, first as a well and septic development and later as a public water and sewer development as the Clarksburg Trunk Sewer line was constructed. There are a total of 93 one acre plus lots in Greenridge Estates. Builders included Springbrook Builders, Williamsburg Builders and Patriot Homes.

Grosvenor Woods • Status: Completed
Fleming Avenue and Grosvenor Court, Bethesda, MD

Grosvenor Woods is a 40 unit single family development that we developed at the request of D. R. Horton Homes. Overcoming citizens’ concerns on this in-fill piece, redesigning the site plan to reduce the cost of retaining walls and storm drain, lowering utility relocation costs, and providing street paving ahead of schedule were some of the accomplishments of this project. D. R. Horton enjoyed extremely strong sales.

Hampshire Greens • Status: Completed
Ednor Road and New Hampshire Avenue, Cloverly, MD

This 716-acre tract off New Hampshire Avenue was planned as a luxury single family golf course community. The proposed community required a master plan change and a rezoning which occurred in 1991. After receiving preliminary plan approval, the tract was sold undeveloped in 1994.

Kingsview Ridge • Status: Completed
Father Hurley Blvd & Dawson Farm Road, Germantown, MD

Planning efforts for Kingsview Ridge began in 1988. Located off Clopper Road in Germantown, this site was zoned for townhouse, single family and multifamily lots. 356 units were planned comprising 208 single family and 148 townhouses. Development began in 1992. Builders included Ryan Homes, Pulte Homes, Avalon Residential, Patriot Homes and Craftstar Homes.

Leaman Farm • Status: Completed
13820 Clopper Rd, Germantown, MD

Leaman Farm is located on 29 acres near Germantown, MD. This property was divided into 35 single family lots including an existing lot, 24 town home lots, and 10 moderately priced condominiums. The community is completely developed and occupied by home owners.

Milestone • Status: Completed
Woodcutter Road and Bunyan Road, Germantown, MD

Milestone is a 73 unit condominium townhouse project located in the Milestone PUD. The land contract was picked up from Laing Homes. Ryan and Craftstar were the builders of these wooded 22’ wide townhouses which enjoyed strong sales.

Mission Hills • Status: Completed
Mission Drive and Muddy Branch Road, Gaithersburg, MD

Mission Hills is a quiet, 52 unit single family home neighborhood located close to Great Seneca Highway and I-270. D. R. Horton purchased its first lots in the Washington area at Mission Hills, and was soon joined by NVHomes. Sales were strong, despite the local recession. Some of the problems that were circumvented included rock and conflicts with the planned access ramps for the Sam Eig Highway.

Olney Springs a.k.a. Bowie Mill • Status: Current
Bowie Mill Road and Cashell Road, Olney, MD

The Olney Springs community is proposed to consist of 114 for-sale homes on 32 acres on Bowie Mill Road in Olney/Montgomery County, Maryland. The essence of the plan is to create a community fabric through the use of numerous neighborhood nodes or center points. These nodes will serve as gathering places and they will take various forms. The Olney Springs community will have active recreation for various age groups, an extensive walking trail system, and multiple seating and visiting areas. Additionally, there will be interconnectivity with the existing neighborhood by extending pathways through and near the project. A majority of the homes are proposed to be located in the larger center and eastern area of the community. Only single family homes will be built along the border of this area, which is consistent with the adjacent neighborhood. In the interior, there will be a mixture of single family detached and attached homes with the utilization of alley access in some areas to improve the neighborhood feel of the community. Homes in this section will be at least 300 feet from Bowie Mill Road and will be located on the far side of the protected and reforested stream valley buffer. A small portion (twenty-seven) of the homes will be located in the northwest corner of the site, near Bowie Mill Road. The two community areas will be connected to each other and the adjacent neighborhoods through the construction of new sidewalks and trails, including the completion of an existing path system that is part of the adjacent neighborhood. Homes sales started in the Spring of 2013. The builders are Richmond American Homes, Ryan Homes, and Craftstar Homes.

Orchard Hills • Status: Completed
McDonald Chapel Drive and Quince Orchard Road, Darnestown, MD

Orchard Hills is a 65-acre tract located at the intersection of Route 28 and Quince Orchard Road and includes 135 single family homes and 20 MPDU townhouses. NVHomes and Senate Construction were the builders of the single family homes with Ryan Homes building the MPDU’s. Sales started in the Fall of 1985 and were completed in 1988 with prices starting in the low $150,000’s for the single family homes.

Orchard Knolls • Status: Completed
Blackberry Drive and Darnstown Road, Darnestown, MD

Located on Route 28 east of Quince Orchard Road, this 42-acre site is an assemblage of three parcels. The development provided 83 single family homes by NVHomes and Southern Engineering Corporation, priced from $325,000 to $400,000, and 48 market and 19 MPDU townhouses by Ryan Homes, with market priced townhouses ranging from $220,000 to $245,000. Site development started in the fall of 1989 and sales were completed in 1993.

Orchard Valley • Status: Completed
Great Seneca Highway and Horn Point Drive, Darnestown, MD

Orchard Valley is located off Longdraft Road and is adjacent to Great Seneca State Park. Of the 174 lots in Orchard Valley, 152 are single family and 22 are MPDU townhouses. NVHomes and Halle Enterprises were the builders of this wooded, move-up subdivision. Prices for the single family homes ranged from $160,000 to over $250,000. Development started in 1985, and was completed in 1988.

Park Ridge • Status: Current
11902 Piedmont Road, Clarksburg, MD

This 92-acre assemblage featured 91 new one-third to one-half acre estate homes (and one existing home) in the growing area of Clarksburg, Maryland. Preliminary Plan Approval occurred in June 2003. Development occurred after construction of one mile of offset sewer. Craftmark Homes constructed this estate home community.

Potomac Glen South • Status: Completed
Boswell Lane and Piney Knoll Lane, North Potomac, MD

Craftmark Homes built this enclave of 8 single family lots in Potomac Park. Development and sales were completed in 1999.

Redland Park Place • Status: Completed
Redland Road and Redland Park Place, Rockville, MD

This community of 10 single family lots is located near the Shady Grove Metro in Rockville. NVHomes was the builder of these homes that averaged in the high $400,000’s. Sales were completed in 2001.

Reserve at Black Rock • Status: Curent
16178 Black Rock Road, Darnestown, MD

Set on 255 acres of pristine land and surrounded by the Seneca Creek State Park. Forty-three estate home sites await individuals with the desire to build their dream home on an expansive lot with commanding views of the Montgomery County Agricultural Reserve and beyond to the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Reserves location offers the ideal combination of proximity and spaciousness. Less than thirteen miles from Potomac, Maryland and 45 minutes from Washington DC, the Reserve represents a rare opportunity to build a custom home on a lot ranging from 1.5 to 53 acres with a variety of settings. If your desire is a wooded lot, equestrian use, or simply to be part of a dynamic community, the Reserve is the optimal offering. More than just a home site, the reserve is boarded on two sides by the 6,300-acre Seneca Creek State Park that offers hiking, biking and equestrian trails that adjoin the Reserve, and fishing or canoeing on the placid Seneca Creek. The end result is an unrivaled natural setting.

Rolling Ridge • Status: Current
7215 Brink Road, Laytonsville, MD

This 300-acre farm is in both Montgomery County and the Town of Laytonsville. It features a mix of 25 one, two and five acre lots. NVHomes and custom builders built the first section of large estate lots. The last section was developed with houses starting at $699,000.

Seneca Chase • Status: Completed
Fisher Avenue and Spates Hill Road, Poolesville, MD

The Seneca Chase subdivision consists of 167 one-half and three- quarter acre single family lots. The lots were sold to NVHomes and Ryan Homes. Sales began in 1987 with prices starting in the $180,000’s. The community was completed in 1990.

Seneca Knolls • Status: Completed
Father Hurley Boulevard and Briarcliff Terrace, Germantown, MD

These 130 condominiums are located near Lake Churchill in Germantown. Development was completed in 1993. Ryland Homes was the builder of all of the condominiums priced from $93,000. Condominium sales were completed in 1994.

Seneca Park North • Status: Completed
Wheatfield Drive and Willowdale Drive, Germantown, MD

Seneca Park North is a wooded community of 370 single family homes and townhouses. Subdivision development began in 1991, and Ryland Homes began their home sales following paving in December 1991. Prices began at $220,000.

Sherbrooke • Status: Completed
Heartfields Drive and New Hampshire Ave, Silver Spring, MD

This 49 lot single family community is located in the White Oak area of Montgomery County. Development began in late 1999. Craftmark Homes and NVHomes built homes in this wooded community. Prices ranged from the high $300,000’s to $600,000’s.

South Shore Harbor • Status: Completed
Wynnfield Drive and Shore Harbour Drive, Germantown, MD

South Shore Harbour is beautifully situated on Little Seneca Lake in the Waters Landing area of Germantown. This property consists of 78 market and 20 MPDU condominiums. Craftmark Homes was the builder of these units which were priced from $110,000. Sales were completed in 1993.

Thirty Oaks • Status: Completed
28 and Henson Oaks Lane, Rockville, MD

Thirty Oaks is a 4-acre infill site in Rockville City. This site was approved for 10 single family lots as a Planned Residential Unit (PRU) optional method development utilizing clustering to save a significant wooded area for dedication to the City of Rockville as a park. Development began in 2003. Sales and construction by NVHomes was completed in 2006.

Timber Creek I • Status: Completed
12329 Houser Drive, Clarksburg, MD

Timber Creek is part of the larger Clarksburg Village tract and is located at Rt. 355 and Foreman Boulevard. This wooded 50 lot community was originally partially developed on septic and public water but, with the extension of the Clarksburg trunk sewer line, is now served by public sewer. Builders included Patriot Homes, Williamsburg Builders and Winchester Homes.

Timber Creek II • Status: Completed
Timber Creek Lane and Shawnee Lane, Clarksburg, MD

Timber Creek II is part of Clarksburg Village located on Newcut Road. These 24 medium density lots were sold to Ryan Homes. Construction was completed in late 2004.

Timberlawn • Status: Completed
Snow Shoe Lane and Magic Mountain Drive, Bethesda, MD

These 4l single family lots were sold to NVHomes. Prices for these luxury homes ranged from the mid $400,000’s to over one half million dollars. Sales began in the Summer of 1988 and were completed in 1990.

Village at Oak Hill • Status: Completed
Father Hurley Blvd. and Lullaby Road, Germantown, MD

This 191 lot community features an integrated mix of single family detached houses and townhouses. The interior of the community includes 85 neo-traditional homes. The perimeter lots take full advantage of the wooded surrounds. Ryan Homes, Pulte Homes and Craftstar Homes completed house construction in 2003.

Washingtonian Towns • Status: Completed
Muddy Branch Road and Suffield Drive, Gaithersburg, MD

These 212 townhouse sites were sold to NVHomes and Ryan Homes. Sales started in 1982 and were completed in 1985 with prices of townhouses ranging from $70,000 to $90,000.

Waterford Place • Status: Completed
Locbury Drive and Waters Row Terrace, Germantown, MD

This parcel in Germantown has 70 townhouses built by Ryan Homes. The development was approved by the Housing Opportunities Commission and includes 20% affordable housing units. Development began in the summer of 1990. Sales were completed in 1992.

Waters House • Status: Completed
Crystal Hill Circle and Waters Landing Drive, Germantown, MD

Waters House is a 248-acre garden condominium complex located in Waters Landing. These condominiums were built by NVHomes with sales starting in 1982 and ending in 1984. Prices for these condominiums ranged from $65,000 to $85,000.

Westleigh • Status: Completed
Dufief Court and Dufief Drive, North Potomac, MD

Westleigh consists of 24 townhouses built by Ryan Homes, 20 of which are MPDU lots. Sales were completed in 1984 with prices in the low $60,000’s.