Stafford County, VA

Lansberry Park • Status: Completed
Lansberry Park Dr, Fredericksburg, VA

Elm Street Development purchased 15 lots, from the lender, in an existing subdivision in the Fall of 2009. Finished lots were sold and homes were delivered in the Spring of 2010.

Potomac Creek Overlook • Status: Current
250 Eskimo Hill Rd, Stafford, VA

Potomac Creek Overlook is a 99-acre wooded site located off Route 1 in Stafford, VA. Elm Street Development received Preliminary Plan approval to construct 24 estate lots and homes on the property in the Spring of 2007.

Shelton Woods • Status: Current
Intersection of Shelton Shop Road and Courthouse Road, Stafford County
Shelton Woods

Shelton Woods is a 68 acre site in Stafford County located on Courthouse Road (Route 630) west of I-95.  Elm Street rezoned the property in 2013 to R-1 for the development of 95 quarter-acre lots.  Site development is expected to begin in early 2014.