Washington County, MD

Claggett’s Mill • Status: Current
18972 Poffenberger Road, Hagerstown, MD
Claggett's Mill

The Claggett’s Mill subdivision is our first project in Washington County. This 229-acre property is located adjacent to Antietam Creek and plans 238 one-half acre lots. The community will target the upscale single family home market. Approvals were acquired in 2006 with development occurring in 2007.

Maple Valley • Status: Current
18394 Maple Valley Circle, Hagerstown, MD
Claggett's Mill

Maple Valley is the premier single family neighborhood in northern Hagerstown area.  The community began in the late 1990’s and Elm Street acquired the remaining 77 quarter acre lots in 2011.  The first lots were sold to Dan Ryan Builders in 2012.